Where to use AXPT?


Ask your waiter or cassier for a bill with a barcode, scan the barcode and pay secure, convenient and fast!


Scan barcode of the products, optionally scan the barcode of your bonuscard. Just three touches to checkout and view the digital receipt!


No more waiting at parkmeter, scan your parking ticket, pay on go in app with your desired payment method and drive out!


Received a package from abroad, but no exact amount of cash to pay for import taxes? Scan the packagecode, pay and show the receipt to mailman!


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All payment cards

If you are even abroad, you can still always pay with your prefered home country card! Pre-set all your cards into app and get rid of the wallet!

Instant check-out

Do not waste time by waiting in queue! Just scan the products and pay, with AXPT your smartphone is your personal cashier!


Doubting which sauce to get for your favorite pasta? Get smart live in-app reccomendations, with AXPT your smartphone is your personal shopping assistent!

E-payment methods

Income in e-money and tired of moving money back and forth from e-account to bank account, with high transactions fees? Pay in store, quickly and easy, using e-money!

Digital Receipts

Never lose your receipts anymore! Filling in your tax-returnal form? All receipts are stored digitally, and can be easily retrieved!

Bonus cards

Your wallet is heavy and full of bonus cards? Just pre-set all bonus cards in app by simply scanning them only once.

And much more!

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"A continuous technological innovation should not be restriction or liability for people's life quality, but it should serve, connect and inspire people!"

- Yang

“Our core value is Happines, we strive to make all our partners and customers as happy as possible. We provide a tool to make everyday life more comfortable, interesting, efficient and fun!”

- Roman


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